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Everything you expect from a modern, digital photo booth!



This is truly half the fun of taking photos, is scrapbooking   An essential part of the booth going experience is leaving your personal touch in the scrapbook for the party host(s).  Through our experience, we have found Scrapbooking is just as popular at a golf tournament as it is at a wedding or birthday!  This is your book to keep at the end of the night, filled with every photo and created by your party guests!  We provide an assortment of decorating supplies at that include, metallic markers, stickers, ink stamps etc…  Usually guests fill their spot with a nice message of Congrats to the guest of honor or simply sign their name.  Imagine the timeless memories you will enjoy for years to come as you look back on the photos from your event - INCLUDED FREE!  (OTHER BOOTHS CHARGE BETWEEN $100-$150 EXTRA FOR THIS.)


Props are a great way to enhance your booth going experience.  An array of assorted props are provided at no extra charge for each and every event we perform.  Similar to “whose line is it anyway?” style – grab a prop, take it in the booth and start having FUN!  Hats, boas, rubber chickens…galore!  Some clients provide their own props and some choose not to have any at all, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest!  (and YES we get NEW props for every event,)  ALWAYS INCLUDED FREE!!!

other booths charge $50 for their bins of props...seriously.

The Logo

Included for every event is your personalized logo.  This is a great way to personalize your photos and turns the prints into a nice souvenir and party favor for your guests!  

Pre-programmed into the software, this is a custom JPEG image that can have your name, event date, company emblem, school mascot or any image you like!  Some clients choose to send us a logo as is, or we can custom create a design for you.  (I got a lot of practice with Photoshop back in my college days...)  Your logo will be emailed to you ahead of time for your approval.  OTHER BOOTHS CHARGE $25 - HIDDEN FEES, BEWARE


When you exit most booths only 2 prints fall into a plastic tray - and then you have to stick one of those into the scrapbook, leaving you with only 1 print...

Our concept from the very beginning was to make each person THEIR OWN COPY!  We make a lot of prints!!!​  This is where the true value comes in and what separates US from all the other booths.  All during our events the booth attendant simply counts the number of people in a session and makes that number of prints - without being asked!​  We use the same printing concept you find in a Wal-Mart or Meijer photo studio giving you professional Lab-Quality prints.  Remember, a cheaper booth will not make prints for everyone and some  even use outdated ink-jet printers... be sure to ask!  Oh yeah, and we bring 2 of these printers to every event as a backup, so you never have to worry!

Photo Print Styles

We now offer a choice in photo print styles, go with the super Awesome Green Screen Backgrounds, only $100 as an upgrade.  Green Screen really makes your photos stand out! Also makes for a more colorful photo album.  You even see the backgrounds on the viewing monitor while it takes the photos!

If you just want to add some spice to the prints, a colorful border is the way to go!  custom program in a design underlayment. NOW INCLUDED FREE!  CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT SPECIAL!  Popular choices are tie-dye, checkers, black and white, polka dots etc.

By default we offer our classic photo strip design, included FREE.  A nice souvenir and keepsake from your party or reception.  This is your "party-favor"  and gift to your guests for celebrating with you on your big day!  As always simply give us a call and let us know how we can help match your event with a fun and entertainment photo booth experience!

Hope to hear from you!  

Thanks, Mark Cotter 734 558 0908
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