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Self-contained professional photo booth! the inventor of the mobile photo booth!  Many people have copied our style but never duplicated. While DJing a family night party, my idea of the mobile photo booth originated from seeing photography service where people stood (open-air) in front of a large background and snapped photos of themselves.  The final product was only to see themselves on a large video screen across the room.  Just as Thomas Edison improved the idea of the light bulb, I thought so much more could be done with photos at parties, but where to begin?  

Making things mobile

While DJing parties for over 15 years you learn quickly how to make things smaller and lighter and easier to setup.  This is where the idea of the BOX came into play.  Build a self contained box that's reliable, easy to setup, and simple enough to train anyone on how to use it.  So compact it simply sets atop any banquet table!  A design you wont find anywhere else.


There has been a recent BOOM in photo booth services, though beware many are NOT professional!  They consist of only a laptop, 1 printer, a WEB-CAM and a bunch of WIRES strune about and calling it a "photo booth".  It is true to be leery of prices too-good-to-be-true.  You usually get only what you pay for in the entertainment biz.  

lydia photo booth.jpg
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