So your planning a reception and you need a photo booth.  Well you've come to the right place!  For over 15 years has been honored to share a helping hand in creating fun and memorable receptions for over 1,000 brides and their guests.  

A photo booth is a great way to provide your guests with fun entertainment and also leave them with a unique "party-favor" to remember the occasion.

Our classic photo strips, printed in full color and personalized with your name and wedding date, is a great gift idea and your special thank you to your guest for sharing in your big day.  What's even better, is that every time a person goes into the booth they receive their very own print!  Did you know?  Most other booths only make 1 print per booth session.  In fact most of the cheap booths you will find do not make guests their own print if they enter as a group.  


Our booth operators act as photographers and much much more!

Our booth attendants actually hand the prints to your guests, which is much more personal and a great way to strike up a conversation:  "OK everyone how was that?"  "Come right over here and think of a fun message for the bride and groom!"  "Alright do we have another group ready?  We've got hats and props!  Step into the booth, smile for the birdie!"  What fun!


It's great to shop around, especially when searching for the perfect services to compliment your reception.  What you will probably find with other photo booths is a timed package.  2, 4 or 6 hour packages at different price rates.  Many brides on a budget might think that a low priced "2-hour" package will work fine, though there are many things to consider.  

Most receptions are 5-6 hours in duration.  If you only have the booth for the first 2 hours, think of how many photos you would miss out on in the remaining 4 hours!  Let's say you book "idle time"  meaning the booth is still setup prior to guests arrival and actually opens after dinner - think of the photos that would be missed during your cocktail hour?  Third, let's say you book a 4 hour package that begins at 5PM, when 9PM rolls around and your reception is in FULL SWING, the photo booth is shutting down... The booth operator tells your guests "Sorry folks, the bride didn't book enough time with the booth, goodnight."

Just as a DJ makes the party come alive, so does a photo booth!  Guests will stay longer at a reception when they have more fun activities to keep them entertained!  When shopping for a booth, at the very least narrow your selection down to a service that will be with you the entire night.

Backup Equipment is a MUST!

... and something you wont find with a cheaper booth.  To every event we bring backup printers, power supplies and an entire second computer!  We've all had a computer freeze up or crash once in our lives. Don't let that happen on the most IMPORTANT day of yours...

Working with our Brides!

It takes a lot to plan a wedding!  Most of our brides reserve their photo booth months in advance.  We know sometimes plans may change.  We now offer the option of changing your event date for a nominal processing fee, provided we have your alternate date available.  Never worry about loosing your deposit!  We love weddings, and we would love to be a part of your special day!  Give us a call 734 558 0908



The best way to get a quote is to fill out our "check availability" form.  Be sure to include your mailing address to receive our free planning guide and sample print!  Every wedding is a little different so be sure to be as detailed as possible.  Finding the right entertainment for your reception is a big derision and shouldn't be based on price alone.  Prices too low to post!  Call today for best available pricing to match your event. 734 558 0908