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We are NOT hiring...We are a Full-Time family company not a "hobbyist".  We do not send out minimum wage workers.

Found a cheaper photo booth?  If the person running the booth is only being paid $10 or so per hour, expect them to not engage with your guests, not be entertaining, or at best, play on their cell phones during your most important occasion.  It takes time to gain experience to be a professional photo booth operator, this is not just a "summer job" this is our career!

AwesomeBooth Family

It's the people who make the difference!  Did you know?  The photo booth attendant is one of the few people at a party who interact with each and every guest.  Choosing the right entertainment will either make or break your event...

Every AwesomeBooth event includes an onsite booth entertainer.  We do everything from welcoming your guests, making reprints or extra copies and encouraging guests to come back again & again!  Our booth attendants are professionals and trained to provide you with the most AWESOME Photo Booth experience! And hey, we're family!

Your Booth Operator is a family company.  I would only trust family with my equipment and to be reliable for your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  Many other companies are a franchise style and some even sub contract…  Everyone from aunt Pam, to uncle Allen to brother Gary and uncle Brian all have their own booths they are responsible for.  Complete with backup equipment, cameras and power supplies, we have taken the extra steps to ensure your event will go off without a hitch.  Not to mention we’ve got each other’s back in case of an emergency!


Call today for a fast an easy quote,

Tell us about your event, we're excited to hear about it!

You want quality, professionalism and dependability all at a great price!  But did you know your photo booth operator is one of the only people at an event to interact with each and every guest?  

EVERYONE USES THE PHOTO BOOTH!    Making a good impression:

NO craigslist-hired employees.  Our booth entertainers take pride in what they do.  They are trained, experienced professionals and know how to have a good time too!  Just like the dance floor needs a good DJ the photo booth needs a FUN host!

Don't get stuck with a minimum wage photo booth!!

Food for thought:

Our Booth Operators:

*Own their own booths, do not have to return the booth after the event.


*Experienced Adults who are dedicated to the success of your event.  


*Are paid more then half of the booth fee and value your event as much as you do.


*Have reliable transportation and arrive early to complete setup before your guests arrive.


*Dressed in professional shirt/tie attire to match the theme of your event.


*A FAMILY TEAM!  How Awesome!



Toledo Detroit Cleveland - 

BEWARE!!! "CLEAR CHOICE PHOTO BOOTH" sending out $15/per hour "workers"...  they charge $799 -  $200 MORE then we do and pay their (inexperienced) "workers" peanuts!  where is your money going folks???

From June 2016:  Actual craigslist ad looking to hire photo booth (inexperienced) operators... good thing they do background checks!  LOL! 

I can't make this stuff up!  (Public info off craigslist)

Here is an actual "ad" from craigslist looking for booth operators...note no experience and the whopping $25/hr wage, (sometimes more sometimes less)  - hey at least they are "honest"!

great value?  we think not.

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